Window Coverings Windows need some kind of covering for a variety of reasons: light control, energy efficiency, fashion. There are various window coverings available, which provide differing degrees of these elements. Window coverings can be bought pre-sized or custom-made to fit your window.

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Blinds on Window Coverings

Blinds are available in an astounding number of colors and varieties. Blinds usually come with cords, but you can get them without cord holes or with cloth tape for better light control. You can find many types of blinds that come with a remote control, or that have the option of opening from the top down instead of from the bottom up.

Types of Blinds

1.   Faux Wood Blinds

These blinds are are plastic and look just like the real thing, complete with wood patterning. They come in many colors and are great for high humidity areas like bathrooms, since they don't warp.

2.   Mini Blinds

You can choose from the super inexpensive thin kind or one made of a higher gauge of plastic or metal for durability. Mini blinds have small slats and come in lots of colors. Some are two-toned, with one color on one side and another color on the other side.

3.   Real Wood Blinds

Wood blinds these come in all different types of hardwood, in various slat sizes, and are stained in a multitude of finishes.

4.   Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are great for large spaces like patio doors, these slats hang straight down. They come in vinyl or fabric. Vinyl is easier to clean, while fabric looks more like a drape.

5.   Wooden shutters

Wooden shutters are also known as plantation shutters, these slats are actually an elliptical shape, which controls light very well. They fit right up against the window for a very clean line, and actually increase a home's worth. They're made of wood, or a composite, and are one of the priciest options.


Today's shades are not just the plain white vanilla pull-down, roller vinyl types. There are countless types in different colors, as well as styles including:

1.   Cellular or Honeycomb

These are two layers of pleated fabric, with a space in between. They are great for insulation and come in fabrics that can completely block light or that let light filter in.

2.   Pleated shades

Pleated shades look like cellular shades, but only have a single layer of accordioned fabric. They're not as great for insulation as cellular, but you can get them to open at the top or the bottom, or as a cordless option.

3.   Roller shades

Roller shades are not just in vinyl, these come in many different textured fabrics, for various light control measures.

4.   Woven wood shades

These shades are also known as matchstick or bamboo, these shades look exotic. They don't offer too much light blockage or privacy, but a black liner can be added for more privacy and light blockage.

5.   Roman shades

Roman shades offer the very elegant look of soft folds of fabric, controlled by cords. When they are down they look nearly completely flat, like a panel of fabric lying against the window glass. Add a black liner for more privacy and light blockage.

6.   Solar screens

Solar screens are similar to roller shades, these are made of sheer fabric that offers UV light protection.

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