Garage Organization and Coolest Garage Remodeling Most people use their garage as a catchall-a place for things that don't have a storage spot within the home. Unfortunately, this bad habit can turn a garage into an overflowing and crowded space that can no longer accommodate a car. Organizing the garage can seem like a daunting task, but by following some simple steps it can become one of the most utilized spaces in the home.

Garage Organization and Coolest Garage Remodeling | Garage Organization and Coolest Garage Remodeling

Emptying Out the Garage

The most important first step to organizing a garage is to set aside at least a day to accomplish this task. Next comes the removal of every item stored inside the garage. If possible, schedule this task around your neighborhood recycling and clean up program so things that need to be discarded can stay outside and placed at the curb. Also, pick a nice calm day so that the contents of the garage can be organized on the driveway. Once the garage is empty, you'll get a better sense of how much space you have to work with. Sort chemicals, pesticides, paints, and other toxic products and set aside any that are no longer used. Contact your waste management system to find out how to properly dispose of these and other hazardous items.

Organizing a Garage's Contents

With an empty garage it's easy to analyze the type of storage containers you'll need to accommodate your contents. Open and closed shelving can be professionally installed or purchased as a do-it-yourself kit, either made from particleboard or plastic materials. Consider anchoring shelves that seem unstable or will house heavy items. A row of hooks attached to a mounting bar can be used for brooms, shovels, and rakes. Other hook-type brackets can hold bikes and collapsible lawn furniture. A pegboard is a good place to hang small hand-held tools. Store small items like nails, bolts, and picture hanging kits in a clear plastic compartmentalized container. Group similarly used hardware and tools close by.

Safety and Childproof Considerations in Your Garage

Designate an area for sporting equipment and make it easy for children to access them. Remember to keep flammables away from gas-burning appliances such as a hot water heater and furnace. Even soiled rags and cloths from paint remover and stains should be kept away from these heat sources. Store toxic products out of reach if children are in the home; and store ladders horizontally so that they won't be climbed on. Once things have their rightful place in the garage, spend a few minutes every week to keep everything in its place.

The world of garage remodeling has come a long way, baby. Once simply a convenient spot for parking your car and hiding lots of your junk, today's garage functions as an essential part of your home's square footage, acting as part pantry, part DIY work space, part fitness center, part storage area, and even part hang-out room.

Check out these great ideas for garage remodeling to give you the most functional, coolest garage on the block. You might even have space for your car!

Garage Remodeling, Step 1: Cabinets

The market for garage cabinets has exploded in recent decades as homeowners work to get the most from every nook and cranny they've got. Once you've determined exactly which items need to be stored, you can figure out whether you need simple metal racks or cabinets with doors that can be closed or locked. You can open up space inside your home and save money by making room for items like canned goods, extra drinks, cereal, and paper goods in the garage.

Garage Remodeling, Step 2: Overhead Storage

Garage remodeling can open up storage options you've never considered. A garage's overhead space could be the most underutilized storage opportunity out there. Even if your space has a fairly low, flat ceiling, you can install overhead storage racks. Typically about 6' x 6', you can install just one add a series of racks, or even build your own custom unit if you need more room. These overhead storage options are perfect for rarely needed items such as holiday decorations, seasonal clothing and family heirlooms. Need somewhere to store bikes? Overhead bicycle racks free up floor space and protect bikes from damage.

Garage Remodeling, Step 3: Flooring

Who wouldn't love a glossy, painted garage floor that looks almost as nice as indoor flooring? If you or a family member work on cars or other mechanical items in the garage or even if you've got a leaky car, you should consider painting it with special epoxy paint or installing a special tile flooring system. Not only do these solutions look great, they make clean-up easier and help avoid permanent staining.

Garage Remodeling, Step 4: Decorating

Oh yes, you can decorate your garage. Put up some drywall, paint it your favorite color, and hang some fun vintage road signs or a cool dart board to create a special space. The great thing about garage remodeling is that you can get away with things here that you wouldn't dare try inside the house. Neon beer sign? No problem!

Whether you intend to use your garage for building, storage, or hanging out with the guys (or girls for that matter), remodeling your garage will create a more inviting, cozy space.


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