Children's Furniture Requirement Types Children's furniture is furniture that is designed specifically to be used by and be comfortable for children. Basically, children’s furniture pieces are the same thing as adult furniture, but smaller versions.

Childrens Furniture Requirement Types | Childrens Furniture Requirement Types 

Children's furniture is also usually available in more color palates to suit the tastes of kids. Most often, children’s furniture will be used in nurseries, playrooms, and the children’s bedrooms. 

Requirement for Children’s Furniture

Since kids tend to be rough with things, furniture designed for children should be sturdy. It should also wear well, and, if possible, grow with the child so items won't have to be repurchased. Children's furniture should also adhere to the highest safety standards, so beware of possible injury-causing pieces, such as sharp corners and awkward protrusions. Besides being safe, children’s furniture should be fun and functional, turning kids’ rooms into spaces they can use and enjoy.

Types of Children’s Furniture

When furnishing a child's bedroom or playroom, some of the most typical pieces are:

  • Beds
  • Desks
  • Seating
  • Storage. 

Children’s Beds

Because most children will use a twin-sized bed, daybeds are a great option for children’s rooms, offering a bed at night and a couch-type lounging area during the day. Bunk beds are also ideal for rooms that house more than one child. Bunk beds also frequently come with shelving, adding much needed storage space.

Children’s Desks

Desks are a necessity in the room of any child in school. When purchasing a desk, keep in mind that smaller isn’t necessarily better, as your child will use the desk for many, many years. Choosing a desk that can be adapted for computer use later on is a wise investment. Desks are also available with shelves, drawers, and storage space.

For further information on desks see the following article from Desks.

Seating Options For Children

If your child’s room is large enough, seating is always a good idea. A comfy, low-to-the-ground armchair or rocking chair will provide them with a relaxing place to read. Bean-bag chairs are always popular as well.

Storage Options For Children

Storage is also very important when furnishing rooms for children. Bookshelves should either be low or bolted to the wall for safety. Dressers are also a good idea for storage, and should be height-accessible. Toy chests are great storage for younger children’s rooms, but should be evaluated for safety, as they can smash small hands and fingers, or become an entrapment or suffocation hazard.

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