Waterproof Decking Protection Benefits

senfak.com- Waterproof decking saves the homeowner money in the long run as it lasts longer and provides better protection from the elements than the usual wood decking. Waterproof decking comes in a variety of materials including vinyl and aluminum. Waterproof decking affords the luxury that comes with building an outdoor living space, without the maintenance.

Waterproof Decking
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Benefits of Waterproof Decks

Hassles such as routine staining and sealing, pest damage, and exposure to the elements are eliminated with the installation of waterproof decking. The home owner won't experience the cracks and warps associated with wood decks and in most cases, cleaning only involves a good hosing down once or twice a year. Waterproof decking is quite the money saver. Costs are saved on sanding and repairs. Homeowners don't have to worry about rot or decay and are assured of a product that will last. The interlocking pieces of waterproof decking material are easy to install, cutting construction time substantially.

Maintaining your Waterproofed Deck

Most waterproof decking doesn't retain as much heat as standard wooden decking. This means you and your guests will be cooler and spend more time outdoors. Porches made of waterproof decking material require very little maintenance. Decks should be built with a slight slope so water can drain easily. While cleaning is minimal, you may have to contend with the occasional stain.

On this rare occasion, a solution of bleach and water should be enough to remove the offending spot. Waterproof decking doesn't have pores so bacteria isn't an issue. It won't burn or rust and can handle heavy weight loads. Since there are no splinters, anyone who walks on the deck can remove shoes without fear.

Winter Optional Waterproofing Features

Those who will spend a lot of time on their deck in the winter, or who experience heavy snows, might appreciate having heating strips installed as well. Even though aluminum waterproof decking can handle up to about 50 pounds of snow at a time, those who live in areas where heavy snows are the norm may want to take advantage of this feature. If you're looking into installing a deck, consider waterproof decking. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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