Storage & Organization The objective of organization is to arrange a number of objects into an orderly manner. In this way, things can be easily located, and the rooms and common areas of a home are presentable. As people have a tendency to store old or useless belongings in closets and garages, these end up being the two most cluttered areas in a home. The bathroom, due to the limited availability of room and sizeable collections of one's toiletries and appliances, can appear cluttered as well.

Storage & Organization
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Keep Your Home Tidy by Systematic Cleaning

Plan to clean untidy areas around the home at least once a year. Begin by picking a spot, taking everything out of that area, and cleaning the space. Then, depending on the need for each room, devise a simple sorting system tailored to your needs. For closets, the categorical system should include apparel, shoes, and accessories. For garages, the categorical system should include hardware tools, gardening tools, cleaning supplies, and automotive products. For bathrooms, categorize by most frequently used toiletries and cleaning supplies. (Also see Bath Storage at Home for more tidy bathroom ideas.)

Optimize Space by Ridding Yourself of Clutter

Sort, sort, sort, and sort some more. Throw away or donate unneeded items, as the goal is to get rid of clutter and optimally utilize the space you have. Of course, the essentials should be kept, making sure frequently used items are visible and within easy reach. When you come across something that you are unsure about, ask yourself: When was the last time I used this? When will I use this next? Be honest and remember one of your goals is to streamline your material possessions.

Be Organised: Have the Right Tools and Supplies

Some useful tools that can be used to organize spaces around the house include shelves, hooks, and boxes. For those with an extensive collection of CDs, DVDs, and videotapes, media storage units can be used to keep things in order. Optimally, plastic boxes with lids should be used as storage devices, because plastic has the ability to keep moisture out better than most materials. If you store things away in boxes, make sure to clearly label the inside contents outside the boxes. After all, one of the purposes of storage and organization is to help one save time by not having to look for things. Once the garbage is tossed and you look at your well-organized house, you will feel relieved and liberated!

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