Shelving and Crafting Furniture One of the major complaints people have about their homes and offices is the lack of shelving. A typical shelf is a piece or pieces of wood attached to a wall whereupon one can put whatever one wants to store off the floor and in an organized manner.

Shelving Remodeling
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Freestanding vs. Wall-Mounted Shelves

Shelves that are freestanding will not damage the walls and can be moved around at will; however, in earthquake country they can also topple, causing a major safety hazard, so probably should be bolted to a wall. Kitchen cabinets have shelves inside cupboards, and are usually attached to the walls.

Shelving can be well-crafted pieces of furniture, or utilitarian bricks and boards, or wire racks. Shelving can be made from lumber or particle board, both of which can be purchased at one's local lumber yard or hardware store.

Do-It-Yourself Shelf Installation

Doing it oneself allows one to customize them. It is important to determine where the shelves will be located and how much weight will be put upon them. This will influence the type, thickness, and length of material used and the wall fasteners needed.

It is important to attach the shelves to the wall studs, and this can be done through the use of Corbels or shelf standards. Corbels are decorative individual shelf supports, and shelf standards are typically slotted metal units used for multiple shelves, which allows for adjustable spacing between shelves. Shelves can also be supported on the ends to affect the appearance of a bookshelf.

Manufactured Shelving

For those who do not want to build their own shelving, there are many types of manufactured shelving units available. Kitchens may include such specialty items as a Chrome Wire Baker's Rack, which can accommodate everything from cookbooks and spices to large bottles, cookware, and dishes. Such items are easy to assemble and are very durable and easy to move around. Shelving can be made of a variety of materials, such as glass, metal, plastic, wicker, or wood.

Other Types of Shelves

Display case shelve can be used for wine racks and trophies or display collectibles. Decorative shelving is used for displaying plates or other collectibles. Corner shelving is an efficient way to use corners, for example for a TV, or for storing items in an office where space is at a premium. One can easily find any type of shelving on the Internet or in stores.

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