Different Things About Decks

senfak.com- Depending on the industry or environment, the word "deck" can mean a number of different things. At sea, a deck is a level or floor of a ship. In the air, a deck is a level or floor of a plane. In civil engineering a deck is the floor or platform of a roadway or bridge. When the word "deck" is used in architecture, it refers to an open unroofed area of floor extending from the back of a house. It can also mean "any tier or level of a building or other structure." The ground floor of a building or structure can also be referred to as a deck. Traditional decks are built on the back of a house and they may be used for sunbathing, entertaining guests, sitting, grilling and a variety of other recreational uses.

Wood decking
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Decks may be outfitted with patio or deck furniture and they may be built as an extension of a living room, kitchen, family room or even a bedroom. Traditional decks are typically made from wood. They are carefully constructed from thin wood planks that are designed to withstand harsh elements. Modern decks may also be constructed from plastic materials designed to mimic wood or from pressure treated wood. These types of materials are considered less expensive and lower maintenance than regular wood, as they do not have to be stained regularly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Deck

Decks are also constructed with a variety of accessories designed for safety and protection from the sun. Decks are reinforced underneath to support large amounts of weight and railings are added to prevent falling. Canopies are also added for shade. A high quality deck usually has minimal moisture absorption and it resists splitting, rotting, splintering and termite damage. Most wood decks are rectangular in shape, but depending on the construction of the home or personal preferences, decks may be designed in T, L or rounded shapes. Decks may also be designed for single level or multi-level use.

Decks are available in a variety of natural colors ranging from redwood to Cape Cod gray. Decks or decking materials have many other uses. They can serve as an alternative to traditional concrete patios and they can also be used for elaborate landscaping designs. Decks can be constructed into narrow or wide walkways and bridges through lush backyard gardens and ponds. They can also be used for gazebos or other outdoor sitting or observation areas.

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