Bath Storage Spaces and Compartments Often when we dream of our perfect home, the room we most dream about is the bathroom. It's thought of as a sanctuary to escape from the worries of the day or a perfect place to jumpstart the morning. And along with that dream bathroom comes plenty of storage spaces and compartments to keep it tidy and clean.

Bath Storage | Bath Storage

Use Storage Ideas to Remove the Bathroom Clutter

Creating a storage savvy bathroom is possible by following some basic storage principles. Step inside your bathroom and analyze the items that are in there now. If these items aren't used on a regular basis, remove them and store them in a nearby closet. Remove clutter from the counter and place any loose items in a storage container. Consider whether on not you want these items on the counter or stored away in a drawer or cabinet. If put out of sight, these items will be much easier to retrieve if stored all together. Remove anything that is placed on the floor.

Working with the Space You Have in Your Bathroom

Etageres, bath towers, and corner unit shelving are great in bathrooms that don't have enough built-in cabinetry. Linens look lovely rolled in baskets or neatly stacked on open shelves, but take up a lot of room. Decide if your essentials take precedent over the spa exposed linen look.

Conside Kitchen Storage Items for Bathroom Use

Many kitchen storage accessories can work well in the bathroom. Drawer contents can be placed in silverware organizers, and canisters can store hair accessories and cotton balls. Small appliances like shavers and blow dryers can be hung on the inside of cabinets by hooks. Simple and affordable shelves can be placed in unexpected and unused spots like above the bathtub or shower or above a window molding.

Use rust-resistant hardware and waterproof shelving such as marble or stone if installed near water exposure. Medicine chests are great for storage, but some older chests can get rusty and look dated. It's easy to replace these with modern, more useful cabinets. Don't forget to match the depth of the space when shopping for a new one.

More Bathroom Storage Ideas

If your bathroom has a vanity or enough room to hold a seat, consider a storage bench or stool with a hinged lid. If the top isn't upholstered, just place a decorative pad on top. A sturdy square-shaped open shelf can also double as a seat if it has a flat top. If space is at a premium, always consider vertical storage over horizontal. Even a row or brackets and shelving from floor to ceiling can hold decorative and necessary items in style.

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