Skillfully Basement Remodeling Perform When it is time to expand, a basement remodeling project may be an economical option. It is less expensive than adding on to a home above ground. In addition, a homeowner with average do it yourself skills can perform many steps in a basement project. Remodeling of any kind will add value to a home, but it must be done skillfully and always according to building codes.

Basement Remodeling | Basement Remodeling

Why Remodel Your Basement?

The reasons for remodeling a basement are many. This bonus space is usually large enough to accommodate a family room or entertainment center. One of the best features of a basement's "personality" is its perceived seclusion. It can be converted to a private gym complete with sauna. A basement will also make a perfect hobby and craft center or become a desirably quiet home office space.

Waterproofing and Basement Remodeling

Basement remodeling jobs have different requirements than those improvements made to already finished above-ground interiors. Moisture and humidity are the first items that should be addressed. Waterproofing is essential and may be tedious if it was not completed properly when the house was built.

If any cracks are detected, be sure that the cause is eliminated before proceeding with remodeling. Walls can be constructed of many materials, including sheetrock and paneling. Special wall systems are now available that allow moisture to pass through, preventing mold buildup and buckling.

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Other Factors to Consider When Remodeling

There are numerous choices and criteria for ductwork, plumbing, and electrical installations. Ducts require strategic cross placement to help dehumidify the air. Pipes may require wrapping to prevent condensation. A plumbing expert should handle bathroom installations. Depending on how the room is used, electrical loads will vary. Most often, a professional should perform this important job. Ceilings can be plastered, but it may be advantageous to consider an acoustical grid or a more attractive tray ceiling (one that is chamfered on the edges). It will be much easier to run wiring and make repairs if there is access to the overhead space.

Lighting decisions will also be based on ceiling height and what type of windows, if any, are already installed in the basement area. Recessed canisters, tracks, and task lighting in the form of lamps are decorative and practical. Always keep the possibility of flooding in mind when selecting flooring. Laminates and vinyl will be easiest to clean. Add area rugs to soften the surface.

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