Basements Functionality Basements are interior spaces homes that are built underground. Although they are often used as little more than haphazard storage space, basements actually lend themselves to a multiplicity of other meaningful uses. In addition to offering excellent storage space, basements can also be used as play areas, living spaces, family rooms, entertainment getaways, or all of the above. Bringing your basement to this level of functionality may even require less work than you would imagine.

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Problems Found in Basements

Basements are situated under the normal living areas of a home, which poses problems in terms of efficient energy use. While natural insulation sometimes obviates this issue, being underground invites other problems, such as leaking or even flooding. Lighting can also be an issue with underground spaces, due to a possible lack of natural light-giving windows. 

Remodeling a Basement

Typically accessible from both inside and outside a home, basements offer unique opportunities. If the home has a pool, what better place for a changing room and clean-up spot than a tile-floored section of the basement? From game rooms to guest rooms to homework nooks the possibilities are only bound by the limits of your imagination and budget. Some parts of a basement contribute to the planning and utilization of your underground opportunity, including interior access doors and stairs.

Often the stairwell may provide either a challenge or an opportunity for using unusual spaces, perhaps for storage. To aid in sudden and unforeseen flooding, sump pumps are often located in the basement and must be worked around. Fuse boxes located down below also must remain accessible. Think big. Large, open basements can be divided into smaller units, each with their own function. Small, tight basements might make wonderful reading nooks or pet rooms. Do what you will with your basement, only do something!

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